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The 1st Strategic methodology approach to Social Media Marketing

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The OReSTi method is a proven strategic methodology approach that is applicable for any Social Media, any industry, any country and any budget. 

​For the first time in the history of Social Media, a holistic, universal, strategic marketing methodology approach is being recorded in detail. It has been developed over the last 14 years through consistent day-to-day coaching SMEs, studying, practicing and observing the rapid growth of Social ​Media. 

The OReSTi method helped hundreds of companies in various industries in numerous countries all over the globe. 

The OReSTi method checklist is now available for everyone for FREE! 

​Download it and skyrocket your Social Media Marketing strategy.

Everypoint of the OReSTi method checklist is backed by science and proven tactics.

Through the interactive e-learning platform, we will guide you through and explain in detail how it works and how you can strategically approach Social Media Marketing. 

Get high quality interactive training experience of direct presentation, and screen sharing to show you exactly the buttons you should click, and downloadable resources to work on your Social Media Marketing projects. 

Training courses are on a Limited Time offer, starting from €14.99+vat (if applicable) and you can level up to Certified OReSTi Professional.

Learn the way to strategically approach Social Media Marketing, with proven tactics you can apply on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.



69 .99

*Limited Time Offer

14 .99 +vat

1 hour & 10 min training course
  • 6 training modules
  • Explanation of How the method works
  • Lifetime access | At your own pace



369 .99 +vat

HOW & WHY +  6  hours training course
  • 40 training modules
  • Downloadable resources in Pdf
  • Lifetime access | At your own pace
  •   1h Live, PERSONAL Q&A session with Oresti Michael

Certified OReSTi Professional

1789 .99 +vat

KNOW HOW + 8 hours ADVANCED training course
  • 60+ training modules
  • Downloadable resources in Pdf
  • Lifetime access | At your own pace
  • +4h LivePERSONAL Q&A session with Oresti Michael
1st Strategic methodology approach to social media marketing

Why the OReSTi method?

The OReSTi method has been developed and fine-tuned over the last 14 years, by Oresti Michael after spending countless hours, on a day-to-day basis consultation to over 300 small-medium sized companies around the world for their Social Media Marketing strategy and implementation.

The OReSTi method puts an end to the madness of ever changing Social Media algorithms, new trends and fast agency rotation.

The OReSTi method aspires to become the Gold Standard in Social Media strategic marketing approach and work as the guide to all Social Media Marketing teams around the world.

4 simple steps, easy to understand, conceptualize and follow, offer you the 1st Strategic Social Media Marketing approach.

ORe = Optimize & Redesign
S = Strategic Content Plan
T = Targeted ads
I= Insight analysis


There are no gray areas on how to strategically approach Social Media Marketing.

Download the FREE OReSTi method checklist and start approaching Social Media Marketing in a strategic way.


14 years of experience created OReSTi method

The 1st Strategic methodology approach to Social Media Marketing 

Who is Oresti Michael?

Oresti is a Digital marketing entrepreneur with specialization in Social Media Marketing strategy.

Over the last 14 years he has been actively involved, on a daily basis, in the design and execution of Social Media strategies of hundreds of small-medium companies.

His involvement in the Social Media Marketing sector started back in 2009 when he first witnessed the Social Media Marketing revolution while working as Social Media Marketer when he was attending his Masters in Business Administration in the USA.

Having a marketing education and background, he quickly fell in love with Digital marketing and started his first venture by creating a Social Media Agency back in 2010, Fanpage Garage.

The first OReSTi method “calling” was back in 2012, where he felt the need to structure his method to Optimize and Redesign Social Media, create a Strategic action plan, create Targeted ads and conduct Insight analysis to evaluate the performance.

Oresti also led and co-ordinated the first Digital Marketing academic course approved by the Cyprus Ministry of Education, offered by the Cyprus College since 2015, while he has also taught Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing.

Through the years of practical experience and focus on improving the methodology, in combination with the academic knowledge, topped with the limitation on resources and his passion for Social Media Marketing pushed him to fine-tune and document probably the first Strategic methodology approach for Social Media Marketing that works for any social medium, any country/language, any industry and budget.

Now, you know how.

There are no gray areas on how to strategically approach Social Media Marketing.


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