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Social Media Marketing Strategy with OReSTi!

Join our FREE webinar and transform your social media management service into a powerful Social Media marketing STRATEGY!

Webinar Agenda:

βœ… Introduction: The proven method [ Free Checklist]

βœ… Hidden social media tools to stand out

βœ… Marketing strategy tools that will impress your clients.

βœ… Effective Ads Targeting POV for success

βœ… KPIs that matter to C-suite managers

βœ…Hidden Gem: SaaS for Strategy!

βœ…Q&A Session

🎯 AI and Strategy: More AI tools = Greater need for critical thinking and authentic ideas.

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πŸ“† Thursday | 27/06/2024

⏱18.30 p.m – 20.00 p.m

πŸ“Œ Online

⏳ Duration: 1.5 hours

Feeling overwhelmed by the constant stream of new AI tools? πŸ“±πŸ€― 

Need a strategic direction for your social media marketing?

Discover a proven method that can transform your approach to social media marketing. In this Social Media Marketing Strategy webinar, I will personally guide you on how to effectively apply this strategy for the maximum impact!

Become a strategic thinker, not just a copy-paste manager!

πŸ‘‹ Meet Your Host: Oresti Michael

With over a decade of experience, I’ve seen a lot in social media marketing. From new trends, tools and features to agencies close down and social media marketers burn out. 

At one point, I even found myself in the hospital, realizing the need for balance!

This pushed me to develop tools and systems to manage 40-50 companies, handling up to 100 campaigns weekly! 

After over a decade of continuous improvement, I’m ready to share this proven method with social media marketers, marketing managers, and business owners!

And I will do it FOR FREE!

➑️ Don't miss the opportunity to learn all the secrets and elevate your social media game! 

Be the strategist your business needs! 

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