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OReSTi method

The OReSTi method is a registered trademark of Socialway Business Institute ltd and is the brainchild of Orestis Michael, after 14 years of practical experience and focus on improving the methodology, combined with academic knowledge, and passion for Social Media Marketing.

VISION: The OReSTi method aspires to become the Gold Standard in Social Media strategic marketing approach and work as the guide to all Social Media Marketing teams around the world. 

MISSION: The continuous improvement of the method to be always aligned with current market needs and its worldwide acceptance in accordance with the vision. 


Passion: Passion for the appropriate implementation of every corporation's marketing strategy in Social Media 

Creativity: Every day we create ideas that change people’s lives. 

Professionalism: We face every challenge with professionalism by offering high quality training courses and support services. 

Communication: Social Media communication evolves in fractions of a second and as professionals we are called upon to be a second ahead. 

Positivity: We face every challenge with positivity and search for the lessons that will make us better. 

With 4 simple steps, you can easily understand and leverage the 1st strategic methodology approach to Social Media Marketing. 

ORe = Optimization and Redesign

S = Strategic content/action plan

T = Targeted Ads

I = Insight analysis 

The checklist is offered free of charge with the goal of reaching every entrepreneur and marketing professional and assisting in approaching Social Media marketing strategically. 

Online training courses are at a limited time offer so that all entrepreneurs, marketing managers and social media experts can access them.



369 .99

*Limited Time Offer

69 .99 +vat

7 hours training course​

  • 40 training modules | Independent access
  • Downloadable resources in Pdf
  • Lifetime access | At your own pace
  •   1h Live, Mastermind and Q&A session with Oresti Michael

Everypoint of the OReSTi method checklist is backed by science and proven tactics.

Through the interactive e-learning platform, we will guide you through and explain in detail how it works and how you can strategically approach Social Media Marketing. 

Get high quality interactive training experience of direct presentation, and screen sharing to show you exactly the buttons you should click, and downloadable resources to work on your Social Media Marketing projects. 

Learn the way to strategically approach Social Media Marketing, with proven tactics you can apply on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.